Magdalena Tate, 17871824 (aged 37 years)

Magdalena /Tate/
Given names
Married name
Magdalena /Ebi/
Birth about 1787
1st President of the United States
George Washington
April 30, 1789 (aged 2 years)

2nd President of the United States
John Adams
March 4, 1797 (aged 10 years)

3rd President of the United States
Thomas Jefferson
March 4, 1801 (aged 14 years)

MarriageJohn EbiView this family
1806 (aged 19 years)

Birth of a sonSamuel Ebi
March 31, 1807 (aged 20 years)
4th President of the United States
James Madison
March 4, 1809 (aged 22 years)

5th President of the United States
James Monroe
March 4, 1817 (aged 30 years)

Death about 1824 (aged 37 years)
Family with John Ebi
Birth: 1781 41Pennsylvania, United States
Death: March 23, 1843Stark, Ohio, United States
Birth: about 1787Pennsylvania, United States
Death: about 1824Stark, Ohio, United States
Marriage Marriage1806
15 months
Birth: March 31, 1807 26 20Stark, Ohio, United States
Death: April 15, 1881

Notes for MAGDALENA (DAGUE?) TATE: There is some question that her name may have been Magdalena Dague, sister of Margaret Dague married to John's brother Henry. Or perhaps Magdalena Tate and Magdalena Dague are two different women.

The name has been spelled TATE before--also TAGUE, DAGE, TAGE, and the immigrant spelling was DEEG. The T's and D's in German can cause some real problems. - Carole Schetter

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