David Ebi, 1701

David /Ebi/
Given names
Birth May 1701
MarriageMaggie DavisView this family

Birth of a sonDavid Davis Ebi
January 1, 1740 (aged 38 years)
Birth of a grandsonJohn Ebi
1781 (aged 79 years)
Birth of a grandsonDavid Ebi
January 25, 1783 (aged 81 years)
Birth of a grandsonPeter Ebie
March 23, 1787 (aged 85 years)
1st President of the United States
George Washington
April 30, 1789 (aged 87 years)

Birth of a grandsonHenry William Eby
July 3, 1790 (aged 89 years)
Birth of a grandsonThomas Eby
1791 (aged 89 years)
Birth of a grandsonJoseph Ebi
about 1792 (aged 90 years)
Birth of a granddaughterEbi
about 1796 (aged 94 years)

2nd President of the United States
John Adams
March 4, 1797 (aged 95 years)

Birth of a granddaughterSarah Salome Ebi
March 8, 1798 (aged 96 years)
3rd President of the United States
Thomas Jefferson
March 4, 1801 (aged 99 years)

Marriage of a grandsonJohn EbiMagdalena TateView this family
1806 (aged 104 years)

4th President of the United States
James Madison
March 4, 1809 (aged 107 years)

Marriage of a grandsonPeter EbieChristena MarkleyView this family
July 15, 1811 (aged 110 years)
5th President of the United States
James Monroe
March 4, 1817 (aged 115 years)

Birth of a sonSamuel Davis Ebi

Birth of a daughterEbi

Birth of a daughterEbi

Birth of a daughterEbi



Family with Maggie Davis
Birth: May 1701Zürich, Zürich, Switzerland
Marriage Marriage
Birth: January 1, 1740 38Lancaster, Lancaster, Pennsylvania, United States
Death: 1823Stark, Ohio, United States

The Clyde Groff research proves that David Eby was not a son of Theodorus. This is a large family mystery! See notes on David Davis Ebi.

The following notes are included from The History of the Eby Family by Ezra E. Eby excluding the reference to him being a son of Theodorus.

David Eby was born in May 1701. He learned the carpenter trade in his young days, but in after years he followed that of blacksmithing and farming. He was married to an English girl (of Quaker descent) by the name of Maggie Davis. They had a family of five children, two sons and three daughters. Two of the daughters died in infancy and the other was married to a Mr. Clemson, an Englishman. Of the two sons, Samuel Davis Eby and David Davis Eby, we have a record of but David Davis. Samuel Davis left home and went West in 1763. A year thereafter his parents received a letter from him in which he stated that he was well contented where he was and that he shall never return home again. HEF p. 51

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