David Davis Ebi, 17401823 (aged 83 years)

David Davis /Ebi/
Given names
David Davis
Birth January 1, 1740 38
MarriageCatherine KulpView this family

Birth of a sonJohn Ebi
1781 (aged 41 years)
Birth of a sonDavid Ebi
January 25, 1783 (aged 43 years)
Birth of a sonPeter Ebie
March 23, 1787 (aged 47 years)
1st President of the United States
George Washington
April 30, 1789 (aged 49 years)

Birth of a sonHenry William Eby
July 3, 1790 (aged 50 years)
Birth of a sonThomas Eby
1791 (aged 51 years)
Birth of a sonJoseph Ebi
about 1792 (aged 52 years)
Birth of a daughterEbi
about 1796 (aged 56 years)

2nd President of the United States
John Adams
March 4, 1797 (aged 57 years)

Birth of a daughterSarah Salome Ebi
March 8, 1798 (aged 58 years)
3rd President of the United States
Thomas Jefferson
March 4, 1801 (aged 61 years)

Marriage of a childJohn EbiMagdalena TateView this family
1806 (aged 66 years)

Birth of a grandsonSamuel Ebi
March 31, 1807 (aged 67 years)
4th President of the United States
James Madison
March 4, 1809 (aged 69 years)

Marriage of a childPeter EbieChristena MarkleyView this family
July 15, 1811 (aged 71 years)
Birth of a granddaughterElizabeth Ebie
August 2, 1812 (aged 72 years)
Birth of a grandsonJohn Ebie
July 8, 1814 (aged 74 years)
Birth of a grandsonDaniel Ebie
August 7, 1816 (aged 76 years)
5th President of the United States
James Monroe
March 4, 1817 (aged 77 years)

Birth of a granddaughterChristena Ebie
December 13, 1821 (aged 81 years)
Death of a fatherDavid Ebi

Death of a motherMaggie Davis

Death 1823 (aged 83 years)
Address: Nimishellen Twp., Stark Co., Ohio
Cemetery: Brethen Cemetery
Family with parents
Birth: May 1701Zürich, Zürich, Switzerland
Marriage Marriage
Birth: January 1, 1740 38Lancaster, Lancaster, Pennsylvania, United States
Death: 1823Stark, Ohio, United States
Family with Catherine Kulp
Birth: January 1, 1740 38Lancaster, Lancaster, Pennsylvania, United States
Death: 1823Stark, Ohio, United States
Marriage Marriage
Birth: 1781 41Pennsylvania, United States
Death: March 23, 1843Stark, Ohio, United States
2 years
Birth: January 25, 1783 43Pennsylvania, United States
Death: July 5, 1861
4 years
Birth: March 23, 1787 47Virginia, United States
Death: July 31, 1855Hartville, Stark, Ohio, United States
3 years
Birth: July 3, 1790 50Washington, Pennsylvania, United States
Death: May 19, 1863Liberty Mills, Wabash, Indiana, United States
18 months
Birth: 1791 51Virginia, United States
Death: about 1855Wayne, Ohio, United States
2 years
Birth: about 1792 52Pennsylvania, United States
Death: Stark, Ohio, United States
5 years
2 years
Birth: March 8, 1798 58Virginia, United States
Death: June 10, 1875Indiana, United States

When but a young man he left home and went to Virginia, where he sojourned until the commencement of the Revolutionary War, in which he enlisted and remained a soldier until the war closed and the Independence of the Thirteen Colonies was established. After the close of the war he settled in Virginia. To whom he was married was not ascertained, but it is known that in the year 1807 two of his sons settled in Stark County, Ohio, to which place he followed them a few years later. He settled down near his sons and resided there until his death, which took place in 1823. This famous champion of Independence attained unto the advanced age of 81 year. HEF p. 52


"We, the authors of the Eby Report, have long sought the correct relationship of the man known as David Davies Ebi. As genealogists and researchers, we have never doubted his existence, only his generation in relation to the other Ebys in America and his ancestry. Historians have given the date of birth as Jan. 1, 1742 which is taken from the tombstone in the Nimishillen Cemetery in Stark County, Ohio. It is possible that David Davies Ebi, Sr. was a descendant of Heinrich Eby who immigrated to America in 1732, we know very little of this individual. Or he might even be from the family of Jacob Eby, son of Andreas Eby, who we have just added to the family. We still know of no documentary evidence to connect this family with the Ebys of Lancaster County, PA". - Groff Vol II/1

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