Johann Fredrick Hager Sr, 18061877 (aged 71 years)

Johann Fredrick /Hager/ Sr
Given names
Johann Fredrick
Name suffix
Birth 1806 25
Note: Rein Beirn or Rheinbayern

4th President of the United States
James Madison
March 4, 1809 (aged 3 years)

5th President of the United States
James Monroe
March 4, 1817 (aged 11 years)

6th President of the United States
John Quincy Adams
March 4, 1825 (aged 19 years)

7th President of the United States
Andrew Jackson
March 4, 1829 (aged 23 years)

MarriageCharlotte SuntheimerView this family
November 3, 1832 (aged 26 years)
Birth of a sonValentin Hager
January 5, 1834 (aged 28 years)
Birth of a sonFredrick Haager Jr
January 5, 1834 (aged 28 years)
twin_brother: Valentin Hager (aged 0 days) — twin brother
Death of a sonValentin Hager
January 10, 1834 (aged 28 years)

8th President of the United States
Martin Van Buren
March 4, 1837 (aged 31 years)

Birth of a daughterCharlotte Haager
July 23, 1839 (aged 33 years)
9th President of the United States
William Henry Harrison
March 4, 1841 (aged 35 years)

10th President of the United States
John Tyler
April 4, 1841 (aged 35 years)

Death of a daughterCharlotte Haager
November 3, 1842 (aged 36 years)

Birth of a sonHenry Haager
November 11, 1842 (aged 36 years)
Birth of a sonAndrew Haager
1844 (aged 38 years)
11th President of the United States
James K Polk
March 4, 1845 (aged 39 years)

Birth of a sonPeter Hager
September 6, 1846 (aged 40 years)
Birth of a daughterCaroline Haager
1849 (aged 43 years)
12th President of the United States
Zachary Taylor
March 4, 1849 (aged 43 years)

Death of a fatherJohn Hager
March 12, 1850 (aged 44 years)
13th President of the United States
Millard Fillmore
July 9, 1850 (aged 44 years)

14th President of the United States
Franklin Pierce
March 4, 1853 (aged 47 years)

Birth of a sonJohn Haager
1855 (aged 49 years)
15th President of the United States
James Buchanan
March 4, 1857 (aged 51 years)

Death of a daughterCaroline Haager
April 1860 (aged 54 years) Age: 11
Cause: Diptheria
Death of a sonJohn Haager
1860 (aged 54 years) Age: 5
Cause: Diptheria
Death of a sonAndrew Haager
January 1861 (aged 55 years) Age: 17
Cause: Diptheria
16th President of the United States
Abraham Lincoln
March 4, 1861 (aged 55 years)

17th President of the United States
Andrew Johnson
April 15, 1865 (aged 59 years)

Marriage of a childPeter HagerElizabeth MesserView this family
November 19, 1866 (aged 60 years)
witness: Abslum Ford Baker (aged 20 years) — brother-in-law brother-in-law
Birth of a granddaughterSara Ann Haager
January 26, 1867 (aged 61 years)
Birth of a granddaughterElizabeth Haager
1869 (aged 63 years)
18th President of the United States
Ulysses S Grant
March 4, 1869 (aged 63 years)

Birth of a grandsonJohn Henry Haager
June 3, 1869 (aged 63 years)
Address: Garver Farm,Holmes County,Ohio
Birth of a granddaughterJennie Haager
1871 (aged 65 years)
Birth of a grandsonHarvey Allen Haager
September 6, 1871 (aged 65 years)
Birth of a grandsonFredrick Haager
1872 (aged 66 years)
Birth of a granddaughterOlia Edda Haager
October 20, 1873 (aged 67 years)
Birth of a granddaughterRose Haager
1874 (aged 68 years)
Birth of a grandsonClark Haager
1876 (aged 70 years)
Birth of a granddaughterMary Aurilla Haager
December 19, 1876 (aged 70 years)
Birth of a granddaughterLottie Hager
about 1877 (aged 71 years)
19th President of the United States
Rutherford B Hayes
March 4, 1877 (aged 71 years)

Burial of a fatherJohn Hager

Cemetery: Lutheran cemetary?
Note: Paul L. Haager verifes the location of John's grave at a little Lutheran Church Cemetery 0.5 mile west of Winesburg just north of Route 62. His name and other date is all indicated in German Script. The church was removed, but the plot can be located by following Route 62 west of Winesburg to the first road leading north just past Route 515 leading to Trail, Ohio. The burial plot is about 0.25 mile North and on the West side of the road.
Death of a mother

Death June 1877 (aged 71 years)

Family with parents
Birth: January 26, 1780Germany
Death: March 12, 1850Winesburg, Holmes, Ohio, United States
Death: Essen, Düsseldorf, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany
Marriage Marriage
Family with Charlotte Suntheimer
Birth: about 1808Bavaria, Germany
Death: about November 1878Ohio, United States
Marriage MarriageNovember 3, 1832Ransweiler, Bayern, Germany
14 months
Birth: January 5, 1834 28 26Ransweiler, Bayern, Germany
Death: January 10, 1834
Birth: January 5, 1834 28 26Ransweiler, Bayern, Germany
Death: 1924Elkhart, Elkhart, Indiana, United States
6 years
Birth: July 23, 1839 33 31Ransweiler, Bayern, Germany
Death: November 3, 1842
3 years
Birth: November 11, 1842 36 34Bisterschied, Bayern, Germany
Death: August 25, 1890Elkhart, Elkhart, Indiana, United States
2 years
Birth: 1844 38 36Germany
Death: January 1861Ohio, United States
3 years
Birth: September 6, 1846 40 38Germany
Death: June 25, 1923Tuscarawas, Ohio, United States
3 years
Birth: 1849 43 41United States
Death: April 1860Ohio, United States
7 years
Birth: 1855 49 47Ohio, United States
Death: 1860Ohio, United States

Rein Beirn or Rheinbayern


BIRTH: He is the only child recorded son of John Hager who was born in Germany.

BIOGRAPHY: He did not follow his father, John Hager's footsteps, and became a tailor at an early age.

BIOGRAPHY: There was apparently some disagreement between some of our ancestors on the proper spelling.

BIOGRAPHY: "The Hager family as well as many other German people become greatly interested in the possiblities of a better life in America and made the decision to set sail in December of 1846. They arrived in what is now New York City and found themselves in a strange environment. Fredrick Sr, his wife Charlotte, his father John and sons Fredrick Jr., Henry and Andrew and three month old Peter had $20.00 cash between them. They secured room at one of the lower priced rooming houses and Fredrick Sr. set out to find a job. He was unsuccessful and quite discouraged for several days. The third night a thief broke into their room and took the only money they had left. The following day the children were entrusted to an institution where they were cared for by the day for a small charge. During this great time of need Fredrick Sr. found a job in a tailoring shop and Charlotte found a job in a woolen mill. This small income provided for the few necessities they need to live. One day while the children were thus cared for, baby Peter was neglected in his crib for a few minutes on the porch of the institution and a band of Gypsies passed by the house and one woman snatched Peter from his crib and quickly disappeared. The ladies in charge of the institution immediately spread an alarm which resulted in the capture of the Gypsie woman and the recovery of Peter. He therefore escaped from being diverted into a very strange enviroment.

BIOGRAPHY: "Fredrick was not entirely satisfied with his work or New York and soon was able to obtain a job on a ship working on the Hudson River and finally he got work on the Erie Canal. Transportation by the means water was at its heights and Fredrick soon found himself and family in Albany New York. They remained there for about three months and by the spring of 1847 traveled north to Lake Erie on the Erie Canal.

BIOGRAPHY: "Next came Buffalo and then through the Lake Erie region to Cleveland. They apparently followed the Ohio Canal south to the vacinity of Newcomerstown, New Bedford, Farmerstown and then to Dover in Tuscrawas County, Ohio. Still later they went west to Dundee and settled down to farming about 6 miels west of Dundee and just south of New Germany School House. It was here that one additional son John and one daughter Caroline was born."

BURIAL: The burial site is the Swiss Reformed Church Cemetery South of Trail, Ohio